Electrical Projects

Implementation of projects and tender documents
As-built projects
Presentation and special projects

Business areas:
• Plants & Medium Voltage Switchgear Substations
• Diesel Generator Groups
• Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
• Distribution and Power Panels
• Power Distribution Systems
• Automatic Control and Control Systems
• Energy automation (SCADA) and energy billing systems
• Lighting Automation Installation
• Home automation Systems
• Internal, External and Custom Lighting Systems
• Cable Channels and BUS-BAR Systems
• Floor Duct and Parapet Channel Systems
• Telephone Installation
• Public Address and Emergency Anouncement, Announcement Installations
• Fire Detection and Alarm Installation
• Simultaneous Translation System
• Wide Angle Projection System
• Card Access System
• Security System
• Data Distribution Systems
• Intercom and Video Intercom System
• Professional Lighting and Public Address Systems
• Satellite TV and Central Antenna TV Systems
• Closed Circuit TV System
• Nurse Calling Systems
• Central Time
• Parking Control Systems

Our vision and mission 1)Accurate and honest understanding of the project
2)Timely delivery by following the project programme and dead line dates.
3)By removing language gap between the project implementation and design areas,
Creating and forming standarts for a simple and understandable language.
4)Achieving standardisation in drawing techniques while in the architectural sense
maintaining the spirit of uniquiness.
5)Updating our company by keeping up with the latest technology and having good
communication and realising information exchange with the R&D, manufacturing companies
and companies that are bringing technology to Turkey. 6) The project group, architectural, mechanical, static and compete with all the people from
understanding, cohesion and coordination within the team to work with
7)Improving job/assignment, time management and project management techniques
8)Understanding the demand bring together the procejt in a proper technical language,
providing optimum solutions without stressing the Employer
9)While work according to the budget, providing qualified, unwarrantable technique service
10)Forming a harmony between the engineering and designer with identity ID
11) While searching, and undiscovered finding and preserving the technological truth and
needs 12) While showing respect to individual talents being sensitive for creating a Team spirit
13) Beliving in Production and taking in to consideration that people are the most productive
assets. With this belief, claiming every new project with creative ideology.